Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain Reaper 12 Pack

Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain Reaper 12 Pack

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You won’t want to step out the door again without our Mad Dog 357 Pain on a Chain: Reaper.

Ranked as the hottest pepper in the world, pure Carolina Reaper Pepper powder is packed up with a capsule key chain to deliver the spice you want, when you want it. It’s the extra flavor and heat that goes anywhere. To guarantee heat purity, Pain on a Chain: Reaper is made using our own chili pepper mill. You can also find our Pain on a Chain available in Ghost Pepper and our special blend of No Escape.

Includes a Food Grade capsule key chain and about 20 refills.

Ingredients, Custom Ground Whole Reaper Pepper Pods to a 30 grind Reaper pepper powder.

20 grams

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