Pepper Extracts

If you’ve ever accidentally added a bit too much of your favorite hot pepper sauce or pepper extract to your food, there’s a chance it drove you to tears – or to hop around the room a little foolishly.

Your mouth would have felt like it was on fire, and there’s even a chance that you had to rationalize with yourself a bit. Nah, this can’t kill me, can it?

The answer to that is probably not. There are a few people that may be allergic to the capsaicin found in hot pepper sauces, but if you’re a fan of these sauces normally, then that’s not you. Hot pepper sauces also don’t burn in the traditional sense of the word. They don’t light your mouth on fire (except figuratively), and they don’t carry chemical burn capabilities either. Instead, the capsaicin found in hot pepper sauces triggers the pain receptors in the mucous membranes of your mouth (or your hand if you weren’t careful). These receptors send signals to your brain that you’re body is being injured (even though you really aren’t), and your brain messes the translation a bit and believes that you’re burning. Fortunately (unless you are allergic to capsaicin), a few mental gymnastics should help you through the pain.

At Ashley Foods, all of our Mad Dog 357 Extract products are made with only the finest HPLC Certified Capsicum on the market.