Mad Dog 44 Magnum 4 Million Scoville 1/1.7oz

Mad Dog 44 Magnum 4 Million Scoville 1/1.7oz

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Mad Dog 44 Magnum 4 Million Scoville HPLC Certified. Taking its rightful place in the Mad Dog Extract Arsenal is Mad Dog 44 Magnum Pepper Extract. It gives customers a whopping blast of heat at 4,000,000 Scoville Units. As with the entire Mad Dog Extract Arsenal, Mad Dog 44 Magnum Pepper extract is carefully made using the finest HPLC Certified Capsicum. And sitting alongside the rest of the pepper extract arsenal, it too offers pure and clean heat with a sparkling flavor that puts away the competition too, case of 1/1.7 fl oz.

Please note you may have to warm the bottle to 140 degrees F to be able to remove the pepper extract from the bottle.

Due to the EXTREME nature of these products
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