Heading Back to the Office? Remember to Bring Mad Dog with You!

Remember your office?

Can you recall the conversations and break room lunches? If it’s been a while since you last forayed into your usual workplace, we’ve got a tip for you: bring a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce to the office.

Say what?
Yep, you’ll need your Mad Dog with you for the foreseeable future.

Here’s why:
1. Returning to normal work after several weeks or months away will be a rush at first. And then you’ll remember all the little things you couldn’t stand about your office (or, more likely, your co-workers). That’s when you’ll need to treat yourself. Hot sauce is just that kind of gift.

2. Mad Dog gives you something to talk about. If you didn’t realize it before, you’ll quickly learn that extended periods without social contact make you a little socially awkward. It’s not a bad thing to have something you can always talk about. If you’re anything like us, you can rattle on about capsaicin and hot sauce highs for ages.

3. Packed lunches will seem really boring after months of stopping to prepare a meal when hunger hit. Actually, remember when you could eat whenever you were hungry, and not just during the hour everyone else picked up their brown bags? Either way, you’ll be really grateful for super hot sauce when you realize it’s tuna salad sandwiches for lunch again.

4. That hot sauce high might be the thing you need when it’s back to meetings in the boardroom and listening to the lady next to you drones on about the sourdough bread she made during her hiatus from the office.

5. It’s Mad Dog. Do you need another reason? We don’t. Yeah, yeah, we craft it, but we’re just as addicted as you. So, you’ll often find us carrying a bottle or two around. It certainly beats the bottle of basic hot sauce sitting on restaurant tables - and, well, most things.

So, if you’re headed back to the office, it might be time to stock up. And, if you’ve been there the whole time, you might just find it’s a life-saver when all your colleagues return.